Worship Ministries

Worship ministries at All Saints assist the rector before, during and after services. The links below lead to descriptions of the ministries. 

Acolytes carry the cross and light and extinguish the altar candles during services. 

Altar Guild prepares the altar for services.

Flower Guild provides beautiful flowers for the altar.

Layreaders assist the priests in the performance of the services.

Worship ministry workers can check their scheduled assignments Here.


Acolytes carry the processional cross and light and extinguish the altar candles during services. They also may swing the thurible, which contains the incense, hold the bible during the reading of the Gospel, and other tasks during the service. They wear a red cassock and white surplice. 

Altar Guild

The ladies of the Altar Guild assist the clergy by preparing the altar for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and all other services of the church. The Altar Guild lovingly and reverently maintains the vestments and prepares the altar for services.

Altar Guild Directress: Susannah "Missy" Lamb

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild provides flowers to beautify the altar and glorify the Lord. Members may donate altar flowers for a special occasion, memorial, thanksgiving, or simply for God’s Glory. Parishioners may sign up on the flower chart in Ballard Hall for the dates on which they wish to donate flowers.


Flower Guild Directress: flowers@allsaintsanglican.net


Leading our worship is a privilege and honor. Accordingly, the bishop has authorized our rector to prayerfully license laymen to serve in the “subdiaconate” — that is, as subdeacons — acolytes and/or layreaders. Potential layreaders may volunteer or the rector/associate rector may recruit them. All layreaders must be confirmed communicants in good standing and licensed by the rector, who reviews each license annually.

The lay role in the conducting worship dates back to the ancient Church. A truly meaningful ministry, this is a very special and integral part of parish spiritual life and is not to be taken lightly, but as a calling and service to our Lord. Each altar server, whether layreader or acolyte must be a man of solid Christian belief and action, committed to service –especially regular worship and parish life. In ancient days, it took years of preparation before a man was allowed to participate in Divine worship at the altar.

Layreaders descend from an ancient order of clerics in minor orders and are tasked with assisting the clergy in Holy Communion, administering alms basins for offerings, reading the Epistle in Holy Communion, conducting worship as Psalmist in the offices, officiating in Morning or Evening Prayer, and assisting in Litany, Baptism, or Funeral Offices, as needed, as well as in other special services, such as the Blessing and Procession of the Paschal Candle or the Procession of the Palms at Palm Sunday. Together with the acolytes, they form a vital spiritual partnership to conduct our ancient liturgical rites and ceremonies in accordance with the canons of the Church and meet a real need for the parish to maintain a full schedule of worship services.  In those rare times when no clergy are available, layreaders may, with the rector’s approval, read a sermon written by licensed clergy.

Lay Reader/Acolyte Director: Mike Wodkins, layreader@allsaintsanglican.net



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