Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Follow Christ as Lord; worship God in His Church; work, pray, and give for the spread of His Kingdom.


To reach the San Antonio area with the Gospel of Jesus in the Anglican-Catholic Tradition.

Core Values


We won’t waver on Scriptural, Spirit-led principles of excellence in life, family, community, business practice, worship, and teaching.


Because we won’t waver from Scripture and the Spirit’s leading, we’re committed to active, pragmatic, and serious lives in Faith, practicing Jesus’ sacrificial love and unity of Spirit everywhere, but especially in the parish, speaking the truth in love and honoring one another above ourselves.


Our authenticity means we are full of Christ’s Abundant life through His redeeming love, spreading that Good News—His Gospel—with gusto, by example, word, and action.


We’re Scriptural, Authentic, and Vigorous because we’re filled by a personal and indwelling Holy Ghost, demonstrating absolute commitment to lives transformed by God’s power.


Our worship is riveted to reformed but classical Anglican catholic practice, inerrant Holy Scripture, a present and active Holy Ghost, and the principles of over 21 centuries of Christian tradition.


Since Jesus is our Lord, we seek His Kingdom first and will never compromise on Scripture, authenticity, vigor, inspiration, orthodoxy, or the course our Lord sets for us by His Word and Holy Ghost.