Contemporary Music Program

Our rector, Father Chip Harper, talks about our contemporary music program:

“We love our classical music program, but see the need for a more contemporary and unstructured time with the Holy Ghost. We meet that in Koinonia--a free-wheeling fellowship and worship time Friday nights, beginning about 7 PM.”

Led by our Koinonia Praise Warrior Band--also called the Three Collars Band (because three clergy are in it), we put on a Holy Ghost prayer meeting Friday nights in our parish hall, where the band uses the best of contemporary praise, blues, rock, country and Gospel in an open format to showcase the joy of the Lord and the Gifts/Fruit of the Spirit.
We begin with dessert and coffee or perhaps a full meal. The band usually begins by singing how “something’s gonna happen.” And it does.

The time begins with prayer, calling down the Holy Ghost to work freely. The Praise Warriors engage the Heavenlies with their whole hearts, bringing worship that uses the sounds and rythmns of contemporary music...understanding the Lord inhabits the praises of His people and that His joy is our strength.

It’s strong, unfettered, but completely focused on the Lord and His Kingdom. A perfect compliment to the quiet, classical majesty of the morning mass...Pentecost and the rocking of contemporary worship, wrapped up with closing prayer, some Gifts of the Spirit and some ministry on-tap! Join us at 7 PM, Friday nights. You’ll be blessed!