Ancient. Biblical. Spirit-Filled.

WELCOMING. Practical. Ancient. Biblical. Spirit-Filled. That’s All Saints!

A “Three Streams” parish (meaning family), we blend the ancient and catholic with the Scriptural and Evangelical, as well as the powerful and Charismatic.  We’re completely Anglican--from the old Latin term for “English” but unswervingly reliable, undeniably Christian and unquestionably welcoming.

Our Gospel is clear, challenging and applicable. Our Scripture is relevant, Life-giving and direct. And our Holy Ghost is completely empowering, pervasive and personal. You can find all three in every worship service, from our classical Mass, Compline or Evensong to our free-wheeling, Spirit-led Koinonia praise and worship gathering.

When you visit us, you’ll find a family of sinners saved by God’s Grace and mercy to us. Period. Honest folks finding the Way together. All of us are broken vessels following the Lord together, in community. Not perfect...just forgiven. We’re here for the Lord, and each other!

Here’s our “bottom line:” You can count on All Saints. We won’t compromise. Not our Gospel. Not our Scripture. Not our tradition. Not our mission. The Church is supposed to change the World, not vice versa. That’s what we do. Together. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Not trying to re-invent the Church, but trying to do what God’s Holy Church has done for centuries: be a light to a darkened world.

So, consider yourself invited. We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing the good things the Lord has given us all!

News and Events

  • This Week at All Saints: Dec 15-21

    Monday, Dec 15th 7:00pm Men’s Group Study “A Life Worth Living” by Nicky Gumbel (in Elisha House) Wednesday, Dec 17th 6:00pm No Supper Club and Bible study this week 7:15pm Nine Lessons & Carols (followed by reception in Ballard Hall) Friday, Dec19th 10:00am Women’s “Daniel - Part 2” Precepts Bible Study 7:00pm Koinonia Saturday, Dec 20th 11:00am Food Pantry Parish Distribution 12:30pm Food Pantry Public Distribution 5:30pm La Posada (followed by reception in Ballard Hall) Sunday, Dec 21st 9...  Read More...

  • This Week at All Saints: Dec 8-14

    Monday, Dec 8th 7:00pm Men’s Group Study “A Life Worth Living” by Nicky Gumbel (in Elisha House) Wednesday, Dec 10th 6:00pm Supper Club and Bible study 7:15pm Compline Friday, Dec 12th 10:00am Women’s “Daniel - Part 2” Precepts Bible Study 6:00pm Intercessory Prayer Vigil 7:00pm Koinonia Saturday, Dec 13th 8:00am Outside Lighting/Decorating of property 10:00am Inside Greening/Decorating of parish 10:30am Vestry Meeting (in Ballard Hall) 11:00am Food Pantry Parish Distribution 12:30pm Food Pantry...  Read More...

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  • Audio from Compline: October 1, 2014

    Now, time for something new!  Or at least new-ish. From time-to-time I'll be posting the audio of our services. Steve McCullough has been recording most of the services for quite a while now, and he gave me a copy of most of 2014. Without getting into all the details, such recordings always require a little post production, so I won't be posting these immediately after every service, but we'll get some up every now and then.  

    One of the unique aspects of the particular compline service linked below is that the chanting is completely a capella, highlighting our choir's skill. We really do have the best little choir in Texas! Special thanks to Steve for the recordings, and to Naomi Smith for filling in on organ!

    Trinity 15 Compline: October 1, 2014


    Presiding Minister: The Rev. Isaac J. Rehberg
    Guest Organist: Naomi Smith
    Lector: Mike Wodkins
    Compline Setting: "An Order for Night Prayer in Traditional Language" by The Plainsong and Medieval Music Society, 2005.
    Processional Hymn: 301 Immortal, invisible, God only wise
    Psalm:Cum invocarem
    Lesson: Matthew 8:1-13
    Homily: "Why does Jesus wait to be asked?" by Fr. Isaac
    Recessional Hymn: 166 Sun of my soul, thou Savior dear


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All Saints Anglican Church
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9:00am – Holy Communion
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11:15am – Holy Communion


7:00pm – Men's Bible Study


6:15pm – Supper Club
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10:00am – Women's Precept Bible Study
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