Ancient. Biblical. Spirit-Filled.

WELCOMING. Practical. Ancient. Biblical. Spirit-Filled. That’s All Saints!

A “Three Streams” parish (meaning family), we blend the ancient and catholic with the Scriptural and Evangelical, as well as the powerful and Charismatic.  We’re completely Anglican--from the old Latin term for “English” but unswervingly reliable, undeniably Christian and unquestionably welcoming.

Our Gospel is clear, challenging and applicable. Our Scripture is relevant, Life-giving and direct. And our Holy Ghost is completely empowering, pervasive and personal. You can find all three in every worship service, from our classical Mass, Compline or Evensong to our free-wheeling, Spirit-led Koinonia praise and worship gathering.

When you visit us, you’ll find a family of sinners saved by God’s Grace and mercy to us. Period. Honest folks finding the Way together. All of us are broken vessels following the Lord together, in community. Not perfect...just forgiven. We’re here for the Lord, and each other!

Here’s our “bottom line:” You can count on All Saints. We won’t compromise. Not our Gospel. Not our Scripture. Not our tradition. Not our mission. The Church is supposed to change the World, not vice versa. That’s what we do. Together. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Not trying to re-invent the Church, but trying to do what God’s Holy Church has done for centuries: be a light to a darkened world.

So, consider yourself invited. We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing the good things the Lord has given us all!

News and Events

  • This Week at All Saints: May 18-24

    Monday, 18May 7:00pm Men’s Group Bible study (in Elisha House) Wednesday,20May 6:00pm Supper Club & Bible study 7:15pm Evensong Friday,22May 10:00am Women’s Precepts Bible sStudy (in Ballard Hall) 7:00pm Koinonia Saturday, 23May 11:00am Food Pantry Parish Distribution 12:30pm Food Pantry Public Distribution Sunday, 24May 9:00am Holy Communion 10:30am Sunday School (all ages) 11:15am Holy Communion + Children’s Church Announcements Mon, 25May NO Men’s Group Study this week. Coming Up Mon, 1Ju...  Read More...

  • This Week at All Saints: May 11-17

    Monday, 11May 7:00pm Men’s Group Bible study (in Elisha House) Wednesday,13May 6:00pm Supper Club & Bible study 7:15pm Compline Friday,15May 10:00am NO Women’s Precepts Bible Study this week 7:00pm Koinonia Saturday, 16May 10:00am Daughters of the Holy Cross Monthly meeting (in Elisha House) 10:30am Vestry Meeting (in Ballard Hall) 11:00am Food Pantry Parish Distribution 12:30pm Food Pantry Public Distribution Sunday, 17May 9:00am Holy Communion 10:30am Sunday School (all ages) 11:15am Holy ...  Read More...

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  • Liturgy Lesson: The Offices of Instruction

    Eastertide is the most important season of the Christian year and is a great time to remember our entry into the Church through baptism and confirmation. The Anglican Reformers, keeping with ancient Jewish tradition, and the practice of the Church Fathers, included the Offices of Instruction in our prayerbook to provide a basic framework for teaching children and other candidates for Baptism and Confirmation Christian essentials. But that’s not their only purpose. The entire congregation needs to revisit them regularly. Called catechism—this instruction by word of mouth, especially questioning and answering—is a Scriptural concept, found in St. Luke: "That thou mayest know the verity of those things in which thou hast been instructed." In Acts, 28:25, Apollos is "instructed [katechemenos] in the way of the Lord". St. Paul uses the word twice: First, in 1 Corinthians 14:19, "I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that I may instruct [katecheso] others also," and then, in Galatians 6:6, "Let him that is instructed [ho katechoumenos] in the word, communicate to him that instructeth [to katechounti] him, in all good things" Clearly, we must be trained—not passively, but actively involved—in this case, responding to queries. However, this doesn’t meet our need for Christian training, but only the barest rudiments. St. Paul wrote to St. Timothy for him to “Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing (rightly handling and skillfully teaching) the Word of Truth.” This means, if we are to be effective, we must develop our spiritual skills—in real, structured Christian training, beyond simple catechism, with God’s people and Him, learning His Word and what it means to our lives. If we are not in Sunday School or Bible study—time to start!

    Collect for the Third Sunday after Easter

    ALMIGHTY God, who showest to them that are in error the light of thy truth, to the intent that they may return into the way of righteousness; Grant unto all those who are admitted into the fellowship of Christ's Religion, that they may avoid those things that are contrary to their profession, and follow all such things as are agreeable to the same; through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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All Saints Anglican Church
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9:00am – Holy Communion
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7:00pm – Men's Bible Study


6:15pm – Supper Club
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10:00am – Women's Precept Bible Study
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